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Clan Wars Update!

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Clan Wars Update!

Post by Teks0427 on Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:09 am

Copied from the WOT-SEA Website:

Tank Commanders,

You have struggled in many fights, demostrating your perfect combat skills and producing spectacular battles.Now it is high time for you to prepare for superior Conquest!

Clan Wars are now available for SEA region. It has started under the name Redivision of the World - Clans are free to land at any province of the Global Map. Please, note that your clan must meet the following requirements:

  • It should have at least 15 members;
  • Each of these 15 clan members must have played at least one battle on a tank, higher than Tier 5.

The Redivision of the World will last until further notice. After that the game on the Global Map will follow the General Rules of the Clan Wars.

Please refrain from landing on those provinces: QATAR & UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. As this territory will be soon removed as it is currently isolated from other provinces.

-- -- -- -- -- -- --

Tank Commanders,

It’s what you all have been waiting for! We know that you have been enquiring about this for a while now and we'd like to say that the developers at Wargaming.net have heard and reviewed your suggestions - Clan Wars are coming soon.

Wargaming.net sees a really positive dynamic on the SEA realm. Currently, World of Tanks SEA has around 100 clans already created, so we are considering to launch global map Clan Wars on the 10th of October. The region for your severe battles is known on other servers as "Asia". You can find out more about your region here. We will try to make battle schedules for provinces as comfortable as possible for all our players in Asian Pacific Region.

So look forward to it and other thrilling happenings coming to you later this year! In the meantime ,to keep you occupied during the wait here are our weekly tournaments, URAL Steel Championship 2012 and WCG in which World of Tanks will be participating in this year. We have lots of activities to keep you busy so be sure to participate in them for a chance to win fabulous prizes!

Tank Commanders of South-East Asia UNITE! Grab your fellow comrades and start forming your clans now!

Clan Wars Need You!

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

What is Clan Wars?

Clan Wars is a browser-based multiplayer military and geopolitical component of World of Tanks MMO.

Battles are fought on a big world map known as the Global Map on which clans vie for ultimate domination by conquering or defending territories. The map is divided into provinces where selected occupied territories will provide the clan with income and bonuses.

Clan Wars has met with huge success and is extremely well received by clans from the other regions, garnering participations of thousands of clans around the world in a bitter struggle for world domination.

So Clan Wars is no-holds-barred struggle for superiority and power. By visiting the other WOT portals, you can see the distribution of clans over the world map and witness their stranglehold over certain territories. Some of the provinces may bring more than 4K Gold in province income.

In Clan Wars, clans are not subjected to just fighting alone only. To facilitate the expansion of territories, you can strike up alliances to aid in your power struggle by means of diplomacy.

We have already created the following forum sections for you Ultimate Conquest and Diplomacy. If you have any question about Clan Wars or you want to talk to other clans feel free to check this sections.

Guide to Clan Wars

To view the original copy of this page, click here

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